Welcome To All India Memon Jamat Federation

All India Memon Jamat Federation was formed on 11th April 1971, after 3 days meeting of All India Memon workers Convention, on very first day of the federation formation 80 Jamat was registered with AIMJF.

Mr Yusuf Patel was elected as first president of All India Memon Jamat Federation on 11th April 1971

President's Desk

Indore speech, India on 15 September for Memon community work. Coverage by all leading news channels all over india.
President's Visits

Allah only love and like those work which are intended to please him, and Allah put his blessing on those works and efforts which has good and clean intention towards him, those who take suggestions, advice, opinions with others.

Voice of Memon Times

You Tube Channel of Memon Times "VOICE OF MEMON TIMES" launched
in Get-Together Function of AIMJF held on 10/10/2018 in Mumbai



“MEMON DAY” Celebration in Head Office of All India Memon Jamat Federation

on 11th April, 2018 at 11 am at Beg Mohammed Park, Narayan Dhuru Street, Mumbai - 400003.

  • Function was commenced with Quran Khwani and Dua for entire Muslim Ummah around the globe by muballigs of ‘Sunni Dawate Islami’ in Board Room of AIMJF

  • Memon Flag was hoisted by the hands of Mr Ibrahim Seth Supediwala, Mr Iqbal Memon Officer, Mr Yusuf Abrahani, Mr Suhail Khandwani etc


AIMJF running various Medical schemes to help community . The purpose is to grant the Medical Help for Surgeries (Major or Minor)


AIMJF running various Housing Schemes to help community . The purpose is to grant the financial help to deserving families for


Jamats can start Interest Free Loan Scheme for the benefit of their Jamat.                                                                                                      


A complete training for leading a confident life, at home and at in-laws (for age 14+).                                                                                                                    


AIMJF running various Schemes to help Widow women in the community.