President's visit
  • 2016-17
Sunday, 12/2/2017

Chattisgadh - Odisha Memon Jamat Salutes Memon Community. ...

Special Guest:-

  • Molana Salim Ashrafi. (Chairman Wakf board - Chattisgadh state).


  • Allah only love and like those work which are intended to please him, and Allah put his blessing on those works and efforts which has good and clean intention towards him, those who take suggestions, advice, opinions with others.
  • To make a successful and grand event it is difficult to applause for a single person, agree or disagree but lots of people come forward working together and sacrifice their precious time and money and specially their efforts and hard work, some gains credits and gains fame and few are the ones who for the sake of Allah get hidden.
  • A grand successful programme held 'Chattishgadh - Odisha Convention' at Raipur.
  • We heartily Thank each and every member of specially Raipur Memon Jamat members, Executive members, Office bearers of All India Memon Jamat Federation and their team whoever people participated to make this event a grand success and for making us pride we would also like to Thank Chattishgadh and Odisha memon Jamat's members, their executive members, secretaries, zonal secretaries, committee members, Nation Executive members and all office bearers. We thank each and every members for their pure and active efforts and taking their responsibilities towards theirs guest. We also would like to thank for the kind and Vip gesture and hospitality.
  • We Thank each and every memon brothers.
  • Jamats who deserved to be Thanked are Bilaspur, Dhamtari, Khaker, Keshkal, Kheragadh, Baaghba, Basna, Gariyaban, Mahasmul, Jagdalpur, Konda gaon, Kotpat, Navrangpur, Takhtpur - Mungeli, Dharamjaygadh, Sambalpur, Sundargadh, Rajgangpur, Umarkot, Akaltara, Champa, Sohagpur, Bhatapada, Dongargadh, Rajnanand gaon, these all memon jamats and theirs members.
  • May Allah accept their deeds bestow infinite blessing of all of those who were part of this event may Allah give Jaza e Khair Aameen. - On behalf of All India Memon Jamat Federation

Thursday, 26/1/2017

Dhoraji Memon Jamat, Surat organised a programme at Zam-Zam Farm, Surat for the 'Winning' celebration of MPL cricket held in Mumbai on Oct, 2016.

Following dignitaries were present at the function :-

  • Mr. Juned Chuttani (President Dhoraji Memon Jamat, Surat)
  • Mr. Haseen Aghadi(Vice-president AIMJF)
  • Mr. Asif Abbajumma( Sports wing chairman AIMJF)
  • Mr. Ilyas Kapadia(Deputy Vice-president AIMJF)
  • Mr. Bilal Tinwala (Zonal Secretary AIMJF)
  • Mr. Shakir Batliwala (Nation Executive Committee member AIMJF)
  • Mr. Shafi Tejabwala(President Morbi Takara Memon Jamat, Surat)
  • Afroz Hassan Fattah
  • Dr. Zainul Abedin
  • Mr. Imtiyaz Hassan Fattah
  • Mr. Faisal Godil
  • Mr. Abid Kunda (Members of Dhoraji Memon Jamat, Surat).
  • And many more members and dignitaries attended the Function.


  • 26th January, 2017. Dhoraji Memon Jamat, Surat organised a programme at Zam-Zam Farm, Surat for the 'Winning' celebration of MPL cricket held in Mumbai on Oct, 2016. All India Memon Jamat Federation President
  • Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer was felicitated and awarded a momento with Title " MEMON KA MASEEHA " for his dedicated service towards society by the President of Dhoraji Memon Jamat Mr. Juned Younus Chuttani & his office bearers of Surat.

Saturday, 14/1/2017

ALL INDIA MEMON JAMAT FEDERATION (AIMJF) Madhya Pradesh State Conference held on 14th Jan, 2016.In the presence of AIMJF's President Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer, A successful State Conference held.

Few Names of dignitaries along with President of AIMJF were :-

  • VP Ahsaan Gadawala, Mumbai.
  • VP Prof. Sajjad, Hyderabad.
  • DVP Kadar Memon Kadi.
  • DVP Yakoob Gazi, Indore.
  • Abdul Razzak Varshani, Nanded. ( Chairman-Disaster wing)
  • Shakir Battliwala, Mumbai.
  • Asif Galeriya, Gujarat.
  • Zonal sc. Aslam Gazi, Devas.
  • Zonal sc. Yakoob Patel, Indore
  • Zonal sc. A. Rauf Jinani, Shirpur.
  • Naim Palwala, Indore.
  • Dr. Zahid Noorani.
  • Zakir Memon , Khandwa.
  • Aarif Kabra , Bhesdehi.
  • Faruk Gazi, Devas
  • Haji Amin Dosani, Sendhwa.
  • Mustaqeem Rangoonwala, Indore.
  • Naim Patel, Indore.
  • Haji Haroon Malani, Khandwa.
  • Shabbir Bhai, Khandwa.
  • Shakil Chara, Indore.
  • Wasim Parekh, Indore.
  • Salim Kabra, Bhesdehi.
  • Ahmed Gheewala, Malwa.
  • Rafique Parekh,Indore.
  • Shoeb Vindhiyani, Bhesdehi.
  • Haji Yusuf Nursumar, Indore.

Special Guest:-

  • Mr Narendra Kukreja (IT Professional)
  • Mrs Saima Rizvi


  • Meeting was commenced Sadqa and recitation of verses from the Quran by Haji Yusuf Nursumar.
  • AIMJF President and office bearers of AIMJF from different zones present at the event gave their suggestions and opinions to President, also received an satisfactory reply of their queries by the President.
  • Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer encouraged and stated to gives his more service towards our community betterment.
  • Mr. Mustaqeem Rangoonwala Ex. Chairman of Youth Wing, MP State was replaced with Mr. Farook Gazi,Devas appointed as a New Chairman of Youth, Wing MP State.
  • Mr. Mustaqeem Rangoonwala was appreciated and applauded by all for his efforts.
  • Mr. Ahsan Gadawala Vp of AIMJF informed about various schemes. Prof. Sajjad, Vp of AIMJF suggested to keep away one's ego and work together for needys.
  • Meeting ended with vote of Thank by Secretary of Indore Memon Jamat Mr. Naim Palwala.
  • President Iqbal Memon Officer on behalf of AIMJF specially Thank to Mr. Yaqoob Gazi for his arrangements and hospitality for entire team on the occasion of his beloved daughter Saniya's marriage

Tuesday, 3/1/2017

Visited Nagpur on 3rd January, 2017.

  • Following programmes were attended by AIMJF President Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer along with Office bearers & his colleagues.
  • Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer and Office bearers were felicitated by Nag Vidharbh Chamber of Commerce President Mr. Prakash Mahadia, Secretary Mr. Jay Prakash Parekh, Mr. Hemant Gandhi, Mr.Raju Viyas , Mr. Sachin Punyani, Mr. Sanjay K agarwal.
  • (Noon of 3rd Jan) Confederation of All India Traders (C.A.I.T) All India National President Mr. B.C Bharatiya & Nagpur Unit President Mr. Kishor Dharsikar,Secretary Mr. Nikhilesh Thakkar.felicitated Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer and Office bearers and colleagues accompanying him.Both events were organised by Mr. Faruq Akbani.

  • Tuesday, 03/1/2017

    Visited Nagpur on 3rd January, 2017.

    Following members were present:-

    • Vice president of AIMJF Prof. Sajjad
    • Dyvp of AIMJF Majid biba
    • Rauf Jinani
    • Shakir Batliwala,
    • Ayyub Parekh
    • Shafi Roghatiya
    • And many more dignitaries were present.


    • Following programme attended by AIMJF President Mr Iqbal Memon Officer along with Office bearers & his colleagues.(Noon)
    • Nagpur Halar Memon Jamat society organised a meeting cum conference at Jamat Khana of Nagpur.
    • President of Halar Memon Jamat Nagpur Mr. Farook Akbani felicitated all Office bearers of AIMJF.
    • (Evening) Attended Zonal Secretary of AIMJF & Chairman of Broadcasting AIMJF Wing Mr. Iqbal Bera's beloved Daughter wedding Reception, along with Office bearers of AIMJF at Lamba Celebration Hall. Nagpur.

    Wednesday, 21/12/2016

    'Memoni Learning Classes' ( MEMON BOLI CLASS) was Inaugurated in Nasik by the hands of Mr Iqbal Memon Officer.*

    • 'Memoni Learning Classes' ( MEMON BOLI CLASS) was Inaugurated in Nasik by the hands of Mr Iqbal Memon Officer.*
    • The said classes will function at Myron English School under the management of Shaikhani Educational Society.
    • Mr Iqbal Memon Officer also attended the Annual Day Function of Myron English School, Nasik as a Chief Guest.
    • It was unanimously decided that “Marriage Aid Funding Committee” will function under the Ladies Wing of AIMJF.
    • Mr Majid Biba, Mr Gani Biba, Mr Shakil Batliwala, Mr Shakir Batliwala, Mr Hanif Wasavadwala, Mr Arif Poptiya, Mr Rauf Jinani, Mr Hanif Ganidwala and the management committee members of Shaikhani Educational Society were also present.

    Friday, 16/12/2016

    All India Memon Jamat Federation(AIMJF) President Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer was Invited as a Chief Guest Stone laying Ceremony of Memon Community Centre in Surat.


    • Latif bhai Ami bhai Tinwala (Dabbawala) Community Centre stone laying ceremony held by the hands of AIMJF President Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer.
    • Chief Guest : Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer
    • Guest of Honor : Mr. Aziz Machchiwala.
    • And Following member were present at the function : AIMJF’s Zonal Secretaries and Saurashtra Halai Memon Jamat’s(SHMJ) President Mr. Bilal Tinwala. AIMJF’s Office bearers, Vice-presidents, Deputy Vice-presidents, Zonal Secretaries of many jamats and other community dignitaries were present.

    Tuesday, 12/12/2016

    On the occasion of Eid -E- Miladun Nabi (S.A.W)


    • On the occasion of Eid -E- Miladun Nabi (S.A.W) Commissioner of Police, Greater Mumbai Mr. DATTA PADSALGIKAR felicitated Juloos at Ekta Welfare Association stage at Mohd. Ali road. & Appreciated Ekta Welfare Association and All India Memon Jamaat Federation's Youth Wing for their activities and services towards society.
    Saturday, 16/10/2016

    On 16th October, 2016. Visited to Diyodar, North Gujarat & Also been there to Inaugurate Community Hall.